Matters of the Heart

Until one fateful day in 2018, bubbly Sr. Jeannette Umonza could never have imagined herself to be a candidate for a stroke. It happened on a bus, while she and three of her friends were traveling from Rwanda to Kenya. She was rushed to one of the hospitals in Nairobi, where she was diagnosed with a heart problem.

It was not until Sr. Jeannette visited the Karen Hospital in October 2018 that she felt she had finally ‘come home’.

She was seen by Dr. Dan Gikonyo who called upon six other Cardiologists to examine her. All went well with the help of the able doctors and nurses after which in March 2019, she was set for the surgery.

She recounts how kind the nurses, doctors, and staff were. Her recovery was gradual but very successful and she was very responsive over a short period of time. She thanked the team and the Karen hospital Staff at large for their tender care before, during and after the surgery.

‘Kudos to everyone who makes this happen, this in itself glorifies God’