Karibu Kenya

Mr. Simon Onyango, a Ugandan national, was away from home on duty when he got a call that his two-year-old daughter, NailaOnyango, had had a seizure. This greatly worried him as it had never happened before.

On returning home, he took her to a pediatric neurologist hoping to get answers as to what could have caused the seizures.

A CT scan was done but answers were not forthcoming, the doctor recommended a 3T MRI to help establish what could be troubling little Naila.

There were, unfortunately, no 3T MRIs in Uganda at the time. They were referred to a facility in Kenya which was, unfortunately, unable to carry out a pediatric MRI. Mr. Onyango was asked to wait while their referring doctor sought for another facility.

With anxiety mounting, he decided to search online for hospitals in Kenya with 3T MRIs. The Karen Hospital was among his top search results. A phone call later, an appointment was swiftly booked .

The family made the trip to The Karen Hospital for the pediatric 3TMRI. They were quickly served and left for Kampala Uganda with a 3T film and radiology report in hand.

“Thank you  Karen Hospital”- Mr. Simon Onyango